The Mont Blanc Unlimited and the Chamonix Le Pass

For all Chamonix ski passes except the Early Bird (more on that below), you can choose between the CHAMONIX LE PASS (CLP) and the MONT BLANC UNLIMITED (MBU).

The difference between them is which areas, ski resorts and benefits are included. The Chamonix Le Pass covers most lifts in the Chamonix valley, but excludes the lifts at the Les Houches ski area and the high cable cars accessing La Vallée Blanche via the Aiguille Midi cable car from the centre of Chamonix village.

The Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass includes every lift and ski area in the Chamonix plus conditional access, and benefits, to lifts in other ski resorts detailed below.

Here’s more information to help you choose the right Chamonix ski pass for you.

You can see all the prices here.

Here are the differences between the CLP and the MBU passes:

Coverage & Benefits

2 day + passes Chamonix lifts: Les Brévent- La Flégère, Le Balme area (Le Tour – Vallorcine), Grands Montets (Argentière), Les Planards, Le Savoy, Les Chosalets, La Vormaine (family ski areas at a low elevation)
Aiguille du Midi cable car, Montenvers train, gondola & ice cave
Courmayeur, Italy (2-21 day pass) &

Skyway lift (2-21 day pass)

Les Houches & Megève Evasion Mont-Blanc
Crans Montana Switzerland* (1 day per 2-4 day pass & 2 days per 5-21 day pass)
Benefits Free bus from Servoz to Vallorcine (1-21 day pass)
Cham Val’ benefits (3-21 day pass)
Evasion Mont-Blanc: Buses : Megève from & to Chamonix / free on reservation on (2-21 day pass)
Evasion Mont-Blanc: Buses : Megève from & to Chamonix / free on reservation on (2-21 day pass)
Evasion Mont-Blanc: Buses : Megève from & to Chamonix / free on reservation on (2-21 day pass)
Evasion Mont-Blanc: Buses : Megève from & to Chamonix / free on reservation on (2-21 day pass)
Please note Verbier is not included and the top gondola at Les Grands Montets is not operational You can upgrade from CLP to MBU by paying the difference. All benefits are subject to bookng rules and availability and are not guaranteed by Chamonix Ski Passes *You must create an account for all the benefits and to register your pass to get “BOOKLET AVANTAGES” Photo required for passes > 9 days
Mandatory smart card €3.00 each

Once you have determined which pass is suitable for you and your ski or snowboard group, there are a few more details to consider. If you are reading this before November 30th, 2023, and your ski dates fall within the «Early Bird windows,» specifically from Saturday, 6th January through Friday, 2nd February 2024, and from Saturday, 16th March through Sunday, 5th May 2024, you can take advantage of the discounted early bird passes. These passes come at a substantial discount of around 20-30% off the regular prices.

However, if your dates don’t align with the early bird period or it has already passed, you’ll need to make a decision for yourself and each member of your party regarding whether to opt for CLP or MBU passes. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options further.

Nevertheless, some common factors to consider include:
  • Where your accommodation is located
  • Whether there is access to public transport or if you have a car at your disposal
  • Each member’s skill level on the mountain and, consequently, where you are likely to be skiing. A basic guideline in Chamonix is that proficient and confident off-piste skiers often choose the MBU pass unless they are staying in Les Houches. In Les Houches, you can purchase the Les Houches pass at the lift station, but this pass does not provide access to other ski areas. The MBU is the comprehensive «all mountain pass» with the added benefit of access to other ski areas.

What to do next..

Next, you should decide whether to add insurance. We are authorized resellers of E-gloo rescue insurance. It’s important to note that this is a limited rescue type of insurance, rather than a comprehensive travel policy. We strongly recommend reviewing the coverage details. In general, the policy is designed to cover the costs of rescuing and addressing immediate medical emergencies, including repatriation in some cases. The policy carries a cost of €3.50 per person per day, regardless of age. We recommend it, as the expenses associated with rescue in case of an accident can be quite substantial.


Every pass requires a smart card (badge), which is about the size of a credit card and is used to activate the turnstiles at each ski lift during the pass’s validity period. If your ski period spans two timeframes and you intend to purchase a Chamonix Le Pass for some dates and a Mont Blanc Unlimited pass for the remainder, you will need to acquire two smart cards, one for each period. These smart cards are non-refundable, but you can return them to the nearest ticket office (usually found at the base of each slope). The best part is that they are reusable.

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