Chamonix Ski Passes Terms & Conditions 2023/24

Chamonix Ski Passes (“the COMPANY”) is a trading name of AD & Co. Holdings Limited (UK Company) which acts as an agent for La Compagnie du Mont-Blanc SA (“the ISSUER”). Any contract is made between the person buying the Chamonix ski pass (“the Buyer”) and the Company.

A contract will be entered into upon the issuance of an order confirmation by the Company. The contract between the Company and the Buyer is purely to act as an intermediary and to order ski passes from the issuer and effect delivery by mail, hand or by collection at our designated premises for Early Bird passes. For other passes we send you an email with a QR code which you can use to print your passes at every lift station ticket machine.

The contractual relationship regarding the issue and use of the lift passes is between the Buyer and the Issuer according to the Terms and Conditions of the Issuer.

The Company undertakes to purchase lift passes on behalf of the Buyer and deliver the ski passes to the Buyer. Neither  the Company nor any associated brand or trading name of the Company accept any liability whatsoever in respect of the conditions of purchase of ski passes from the Issuer.

The contract between the Company and the Buyer is limited to the purchase and delivery of lift passes only. The Company does not make any warranties as to the use, limitation, cancellation terms or other operating conditions of the lift passes themselves. The Company contracts with the Buyer at the price on the date of purchase and cannot make any refunds or changes should the Issuer adjust prices after you have purchased your passes.

The Issuer does not give refunds for lift passes purchased in error nor will the Company however we will make best endeavours to assist the buyer in all circumstances. We think it is essential that you arrange suitable travel insurance which will cover you in most cases where you need to secure the value of the passes without use.

***Additional date of birth information and passport pictures***


The issuer requires a passport style picture for any passes of longer than 9 days for Early Bird passes. We do not offer non-Early Bird passes for 10 days or longer. 

The issuer requires the date of birth and full name for any passes that are not destined for us by an adult as defined in the order process.

Failure to provide the information requested by the company within 5 days will prejudice the ability of the company to procure the passes from the issuer. In such circumstances the order will be deemed as cancelled by the buyer and no refund or transfer of any rights will be made by the issuer or the company. 

If the buyer selected the E-gloo assurance option a passport style picture must be provided within 5 days of purchase. Failure to provide the picture for all passholders  in time will prejudice the ability of the company to procure the passes from the issuer. In such circumstances the order will be deemed as cancelled by the buyer and no refund or transfer of any rights will be made by the issuer or the company. 

Information and pictures should be sent to the company via email on: INFO@CHAMONIXSKIPASSES.COM

Late payment

If you have ordered your passes and selected payment by bank transfer, we will send you your QR codes within 24 hours of receipt of cleared funds. If we do not recieve payment at least one full day before your first day skiing, the order will be deemed cancelled by you and there will be no refund or reimbursement available to you. This does not apply to orders paid by credit or debit card unless the order is made after 18:00hrs local time the day before the first day skiing selected. Orders made after this cutoff may not be fulfilled in time for the lift opening the following day and the company accepts no liability for any loss of ski time or replacement passes that you may purchase in order to access the lifts.


Non-Transferable Tickets

– Lift passes purchased on Chamonix Ski Passes are not transferrable. The pass is issued to the named individual(s) and is non-transferable. It may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person. Any attempt to transfer this ticket will render it void. The holder of this ticket must present valid identification matching the name on the ticket upon request. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry to the lifts and/or services without refund or compensation. This condition is set to ensure the security and orderly management of the ski area and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Refund Applications

– Please note that any requests for refunds of ski passes must be directed to and processed by the lift company, not Chamonix Ski Passes. Chamonix Ski Passes does not have the authority to issue refunds and is not responsible for the refund decisions or policies of the lift company. Customers seeking refunds should contact the lift company directly, adhering to their specified refund application procedures and terms. This clause is established to clarify the process and ensure that refund requests are handled efficiently by the appropriate entity.

Exceptional Circumstances Refunds

Refunds for ski passes may be considered by the lift company only in exceptional circumstances. These exceptional circumstances include, but are not limited to, severe weather conditions rendering ski facilities unusable, unexpected closure of ski facilities, and government-imposed restrictions such as lockdowns. In such cases, customers must apply for refunds directly with the lift company, providing relevant evidence or documentation as required. It is at the lift company’s sole discretion to determine the validity of a claim and to decide whether a refund is warranted based on the circumstances presented.

Assistance with Cancellations

Chamonix Ski Passes may, on a goodwill basis, offer assistance to customers seeking to cancel their ski passes. However, it is important to note that such assistance does not guarantee the success of the cancellation or refund process. The decision and ability to cancel or refund a ski pass rest solely with the issuing lift company, and Chamonix Ski Passes holds no authority over their policies or decisions. Our assistance is provided as a courtesy to support our customers, and we make no representation or warranty regarding the outcome of any cancellation request.

Cancellation costs

If a cancellation is offered it is subject to reimbursement of the order amount less 10% in order to mitigate the processing and other costs attributable to the order which cannot be reclaimed by us.

Force Majeure

This Force Majeure Clause outlines events considered as ‘force majeure’ and the respective rights and obligations of both parties in such instances. Force majeure events include natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods), war, terrorism, government sanctions, pandemics, and other unforeseeable events beyond reasonable control that prevent the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement.

In the occurrence of a force majeure event:

(1.) The affected party must promptly notify the other, detailing the nature and extent of the event.

(2.) The fulfillment of affected obligations is suspended for the duration of the event.

(3.) Both parties shall endeavor to mitigate the impact of the force majeure event and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

(4.) If the event persists beyond the validity of the lift pass issued, the issuer and/or Chamonix Ski Passes will terminate this agreement without penalty.

This clause aims to fairly distribute risk and provide clear guidance during extraordinary circumstances.

Goodwill Assistance and Liability Disclaimer

In cases of force majeure, customer or issuer cancellations, such as government regulations due to a pandemic or other unpredictable events, Chamonix Ski Passes may, at its discretion, offer goodwill assistance to negotiate refunds with the issuer. However, this assistance is not an obligation and does not create any liability on either the issuer or Chamonix Ski Passes. Should this assistance result in a refund, the customer will incur a fee of 20% of the lift pass’s face value, covering administration, processing fees, and handling. This fee is non-recoverable and is payable regardless of the outcome of the refund negotiation.

Refund Negotiation and Early Bird Passes Clause

As a general rule, ski passes are non-refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances, Chamonix Ski Passes may attempt to negotiate a refund on your behalf. If successful, the refunded amount will be subject to deductions for our incurred costs. Please note that these deductions are necessary to cover the expenses of the negotiation process.

Regarding Early Bird passes, please be aware that they are strictly non-cancellable, non-transferable, and non-changeable. No refunds will be issued for Early Bird passes cancelled by the customer. We strongly recommend that customers purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover all potential risks associated with their purchase.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute arising from a decision made regarding a ski pass, the following steps should be taken:

(1.) Initial Communication: The customer should first contact Chamonix Ski Passes’ customer service team, outlining their issue in detail.

(2.) Review Process: Upon receiving the complaint, Chamonix Ski Passes will review the case, taking into account any relevant information and policies.

(3.) Response: Chamonix Ski Passes will provide a written response to the customer within a reasonable timeframe, detailing the outcome of the review.

(4.) Escalation: If the customer is unsatisfied with the response, they may escalate the dispute to an independent ombudsman or relevant regulatory authority for further review and resolution.

This clause is intended to provide a clear and fair process for resolving disputes, ensuring customer concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Commitment to Fairness and Compliance Clause

Our terms and conditions are designed with a commitment to ensuring user-friendliness, legal compliance, and equitable treatment for both parties, as guided by UK law. We continuously strive to make our policies clear, transparent, and fair, facilitating a better understanding and adherence to legal standards. This approach underpins our dedication to maintaining a balance of interests and upholding the integrity of our contractual agreements.

Card Processing Dispute Protection

Chamonix Ski Passes is not liable for disputes arising from claims of fraudulent use or theft of credit/debit cards used for purchasing ski passes. Customers are responsible for safeguarding their payment card information. In the event of unauthorized use of a customer’s card, the customer must promptly report the matter to the card issuer and follow their procedures. Chamonix Ski Passes will cooperate with any investigation conducted by the card issuer or law enforcement. However, we are not obligated to refund or compensate for transactions made with a customer’s card that is later claimed as unauthorized.

Card Fraud Liability Protection

Chamonix Ski Passes shall not be held responsible for charges levied by card issuers or processors in instances where a cardholder claims unauthorized use of their credit card by a third party for the purchase of lift passes. Our responsibility is limited to facilitating transactions through secure means. We are not liable for any subsequent chargebacks or debits from our account initiated by card issuers due to alleged fraudulent activity. Customers are responsible for securing their credit card information, and any dispute over fraudulent use should be resolved between the cardholder and their card issuer.


Chamonix Ski Passes undertakes to purchase lift passes on your behalf and assist in delivering them to you physically or electronically, neither AD & Co. Holdings Limited or Chamonix Ski Passes accept any liability whatsoever in respect of the conditions of purchase of ski passes from the issuer or any liability whatsoever in general.

If delivery by tracked mail is selected with your pass order we make no warranties or guarantee that delivery will be effected by French or international mail systems. We undertake to provide you with a copy of the envelope or package sent and the tracking information as provided by the carrier. We cannot refund, replace or exchange any passes that do not reach you for any reason although we will make reasonable efforts to assist you if passes do not reach you or reach you in time for your holidays. We recommend you take appropriate travel insurance cover that includes loss or theft to property including ski passes in the event that the passes do not reach you.

Where passes are ordered with the electronic/delivery option we will send you an QR code an purchase confirmation. You will be able to collect your passes from the machines at every lift station using the QR code.

Ski Passes are not transferable and any refund requests must be made directly to the Compagnie du Mont Blanc SA although we will endeavour to assist you where we can.

Our service contract with you is limited to the purchase and supply of lift passes only. We do not make any warranties as to the use, limitation, cancellation terms or other operating conditions of the lift passes themselves. We contract with you at the price on the date of purchase and cannot make any refunds or changes should the Compagnie du Mont Blanc adjust prices after you have purchased your passes.

Your contract with Chamonix Ski Passes is purely to act as an intermediary agent and to deliver the passes to your accommodation or designated address as entered in your purchase order.

The contractual relationship regarding the issue and use of the lift passes is between you and the Issuer according to the Terms and Conditions of La Compagnie du Mont Blanc SA.

Please see for complete sales and operating conditions.

For more information feel free to call our helpline on +44 (0) 845 460 0606 or email

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If a term above is deemed to be unenforceable the remainder of the terms remain in force and the contract is under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the United Kingdom although please remember that ultimately you are buying the pass from La Compagnie du Mont Blanc SA.