Chamonix Ski passes

Chamonix Ski Passes. Our Mission 

We try to be the best source of Chamonix lift passes and information that you will find in the Chamonix valley. We have invested in our technology platform and our team so that you have a seamless, secure and cost effective way of accessing the best Chamonix ski passes.  Where we can we offer refunds and, although we can’t guarantee this post Covid-19, we have a great deal of influence in the valley and with the various institutions here in Chamonix. 

Our Service

We provide you with an e-commerce environment so that you can buy your Chamonix lift passes in advance of arriving for your holiday. To make it easy, as soon as you purchase your lift pass and complete the card processing ID check, we will create your lift pass and send you detailed information on using your pass and how to collect it.

With the email is a QR code which you use at the base station of every lift area and in a few locations in Chamonix and the other main villages. A quick scan and the machine gives you all the passes you have ordered. There is no queuing for this and it takes a few seconds to pick up all the passes. There are a few machines in and around the valley too, so you can pick up your passes on your arrival or before. You can collect them anytime.

Our Guarantees

  • A secure private platform to pre-order and pay for your lift passes powered by Stripe, Woo Commerce and fully encrypted card processing. We have never been successfully hacked, or lost customer’s private information, data, or money.  
  • Once you have made your order and paid, we guarantee to provide you with your Chamonix lift pass in good time to be prepared and ready for a stress-free ski holiday. 
  • If something goes wrong, you can reach us daytime any day of the week or year. 
  • Our investment in technology means that we provide you with the best solution to buying your Chamonix lift passes in an easily understandable manner. 
  • We do not sell your information or personal identifiable data.  
  • We may send you one or two email confirmations about your order and new prices but we will not abuse your inbox with third party offers. 
  • We promise to manage any enquiry or issue you have with absolute courtesy and respect as well as focussed attention and speed. On the rare occasion, we make a mistake (it happens once every year or two only), we will make you whole without quibble or deduction. 
  • Sometimes the lift company has to close the mountain or restrict the number of lifts open or there may be some other reason that the resort or ski area(s) cannot operate normally. In these circumstances we will do our best to help you in getting a refund from the lift operator. 

What We Cannot Do

  • We cannot guarantee great snow or weather or that you have a great time. We hope you will make the most of the all the situations that the mountains and mountain gods conspire to present to you and your friends or family at any point before, during or after your trip to Chamonix.  
  • You would be amazed how many people ask us what the snow, conditions or weather will be like at some future date. We can undertake that there will be weather, there may be snow or rain, that the sky is above you and the earth is below (unless you are airborne in which case all bets are off), and that if you are given the choice between your work desk and being in Chamonix, you have made the right choice to be here. 
  • We cannot offer you love, romance, intimacy or the recovery of a lost love. We can try and help you through the tears. Our own tears have also melted the snow at times, however in general, time on the mountain will make you feel a lot better. 
  • Chamonix Ski Passes, is equal opportunities, non-judgemental and a supporter of positive body image. We can’t help you if you stay in bed instead of getting on the mountain or even worse, not coming to Chamonix at all. That would be damaging to your self image, self esteem and an affront to being an adventurous human being. Don’t do it. 
  • Warren Miller says, “If you don’t do it this year, you will just be a year older when you do”. Do it this year as we cannot guarantee your finance, health and fitness will improve if you wait. 

We love the mountains and were taught to share…

“Chamonix Ski Passes” is a trading name of a UK registered company, AD & Co. Holdings Limited.